The Board of Directors of Connection Events Inc. have announced in an official press release that the corporation will dissolve, officially ending the run of the Connections trade show. The official announcement comes about two weeks after the 10thanniversary Connections Convention and Trade Show, which was held September 4-7 in Las Vegas, amid rumors and speculation regarding the future of Connections events.

“We, the current Connections board representing 14 member associations, have worked diligently during this past year with legal assistance to help us resolve key issues surrounding Connections,” the Board of Directors said in an official statement. “After much debate and failure to ratify a new management services contract, we unanimously agreed to dissolve the corporation.

“The (Board of Directors) would like to thank all the vendors, suppliers, staff, volunteers and, most of all, the attendees, for making these past 10 years of Connections events possible.”

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