The Phoenix R125 is the first 65 pint LGR Dehumidifier. The R125 offers high quality restoration drying performance in the WTRDHM category at entry-level pricing. The Phoenix R125 utilizes new patent-pending LGR technology that produces maximum grain depression and removes water long after conventional dehumidifiers stop. At only 79 lbs. and with a compact 20”W x 17”D footprint, the R125 fits virtually anywhere you need to dry.


With water removal of 75 ppd@AHAM, using 5.5 Amps and weighing in at a mere 82 lbs., the new Phoenix R150 LGR dehumidifier packs the performance of a “Large” dehumidifier (WTRDHM> category) into the smallest, lightest, and most portable chassis in the restoration market. The R150’s patent pending GTR™ technology will allow the restoration professional to achieve maximum water removal and grain depression, even in higher temperatures without any manual adjustments to the unit (up to 110ºF).

Both the R125 and the R150 combine Phoenix innovation, technical expertise, and proven durability into their small, portable, chemical resistant roto-mold housings.  In addition to their compact size, superior performance, and high-energy efficiency, additional features are front cord and hose storage, ducting options, pleated media filters, and are stackable two-units high for transporting and storing.  The new R’s are the latest additions to the Phoenix line of dehumidifiers; the most effective and versatile drying devices made.

  For more information go towww.UsePhoenix.comor call 1-800-533-7533.