LeadsByFone LLC has reached an agreement to become the sole distributor for Octi-Dry products for the North American market.  The Atlanta based lead generation company recently partnered with one of the newest and most effective innovators for water restoration equipment in an effort to better equip water removal professionals nationwide. <br><br>

Octi-Dry currently offers two drying products, the Octi-Dry Wall Drying System and the Octi-Dry Floor Drying System.  Used together, these products make for an efficient, effective, and affordable drying system designed to take care of water damage in your home or business. <br><br>

The Octi-Dry Wall Drying System is designed to dry out and restore water damaged walls, eliminating the need for drywall to be torn out and replaced following a flood or major spill.  The system is ideal for scenarios where the water has wicked up the walls for a distance of greater than six inches.  One unit can provide enough drying power to handle 50 linear feet of wall. <br><br>

The Octi-Mat Floor Drying System is designed to be economical, versatile, practical, and uncomplicated.  It is an inflatable system consisting of two 10x10 layers and is designed to let warm dry air seep out the bottom, breaking up the boundary layer of moist air that sits just atop the tongue and groove or wet hardwood floors.  This makes provision for air exchanges designed to carry the moisture from the wet floors out from under the mat to be recycled.  <br><br>

Since its introduction, the Octi-Dry products have found immediate favor with water restoration companies.  Mike Campbell of Dri-Rite says “I have been using the Octi-Dry systems for over 2 years, own approximately 150 units, and have yet to have a reimbursement issue with any insurance carrier. We utilize at least one of these units on every water loss.” <br><br>

Octi-Dry Industries began manufacturing their products based on experience and knowledge accumulated in the field, under real conditions, often as a result of trial and error.  They are designed to enhance and accelerate the services offer by water restoration companies across the country. <br><br>

LeadsByFone LLC was founded in 2008 as a marketing and lead generation company servicing the water damage restoration industry.  It has since grown to service almost 250 clients in 43 states.  The partnership with Octi-Dry was a natural choice, allowing the company to equip its clients with the absolute latest in water restoration technology and procedures.  <br><br>

For more information on the Octi-Dry products, go to their website at http://octidry.com or contact LeadsByFone at http://leadsbyfone.com.