DOYLESTOWN, PA, JULY 13 – A recent survey of the member companies of the National Demolition Association reveals that the companies are experiencing a slow improvement in the dynamics of the demolition industry.

In answer to the question, “Are you seeing any change in the volume of demolition project opportunities, jobs to bid, in your market?” 41% of the respondents said “yes.” Approximately 25% said “no,” while 35% said they are still not sure.

In response to the question “Has the federal government’s stimulus program, $787 billion approved last year, had any effect on the market of demolition services in your area?” a full one-third of the respondents said “yes,” while 44% said “no,” and 20% were not sure.

“These numbers are no surprise,” said Michael R. Taylor, CAE, Executive Director of the National Demolition Association. “So much of our work flows from activity in the construction industry and takes a little more time for us to benefit from an upturn in that industry. McGraw-Hill Construction reported that new construction starts in May climbed 3% from the previous month and that non-residential building showed improvement in May, as well. We’re optimistic that we’ll steadily feel the improvement as the year progresses.”