Aramsco, Inc. has announced the launch of their redesigned website, located at The updated site includes enhancements such as feature pages for key vendors and market profiles for Environmental Safety, Emergency Preparedness, and Surface Preparation customer. The website went live on July 2.

  The website was re-designed with the goal of becoming a better resource for all Aramsco customers. The site will now include valuable, in-depth product and industry information, and training resources. Visitors of the updated Aramsco website will enjoy user-friendly navigation, including an organized menu with for manufacturer, product, markets, training, and events, links, and a link to shop online. Aramsco considers a website as a strong customer-support system for their field sales group, which features experts in all areas of environmental safety.

  “Updating our website has been a top priority for our company this year. We know there is immense value in having up-to-date and relevant information available for our customers and potential customers,” says Richard Salerno, president of Aramsco, “The site is designed to provide a comprehensive look at Aramsco's products and manufacturers, as well as the markets we service and the customer support we offer.”

  Aramsco is a leading solution provider for the environmental safety, emergency preparedness, health care, and surface preparation markets. Product offerings span a variety of categories, including personal protection equipment, lead and mold abatement supplies, chemicals, restoration supplies, spill control supplies, and construction/traffic safety equipment. Aramsco also offers remediation and restoration training classes for their customers around the country.