DOYLESTOWN, PA, DECEMBER 21, 2010 – The National Demolition Association has launched a powerful, user-friendly online training system offering more than 2,000 eLearning courses that meet the specialized needs of the construction industry.  NDA’s Online Training, powered by the courseware management source Portico Learning Solutions, is available to NDA members and the industry at large.

  “As the leading authoritative voice of the demolition industry, we decided to take the initiative by making these essential courses available to professionals involved in the demolition process in areas such as environmental, health and safety, transportation, and IT skills,” said Michael R. Taylor, CAE, Executive Director of the NDA.  “We identified Portico as the premier source of custom eLearning course development and decided to partner with them on this ambitious undertaking.”

  The self-paced online interactive training courses feature a sophisticated course management program that tracks how much of a course has been completed, which sections have been visited, and how many modules the user has completed and been tested on.

“Users can start and stop courses as needed, while the system remembers for them exactly where they left off,” explained Taylor.  Once a course is purchased, users can return and review it as many times as they wish during a 12-month period.  As users complete each course module, testing takes places and a grade is instantly issued.  When all requirements are fulfilled, the system issues a unique certificate of completion to the user.

  For more information on the NDA’s Online Training system or the Association itself, visit the NDA website for more information or call 800-541-2412.