When Thomas Dean Geer moved his family from Michigan to Montana in 2007, he was virtually starting from scratch as a restorer in a new marketplace.

“Several people in our industry, who were not familiar with tes, told me I would not be able to support my family with a start up restoration company. They told me it would take me a year and a half before I would be able to pay my bills. But it was the purchase of our tes High Speed Structural Drying System, and applying an aggressive program to let the local insurance agents in our marketplace know about it, that put us on the map.”

Geer started marketing to insurance agents by going into their offices and introducing their company and the technology behind the tes system. He promised the agents three things:
  • They would complete the jobs in ½ the time or less to reduce inconvenience to the insured and get the file closed faster for the adjuster.
  • The drying fee would be the same or less than they were paying the other guys in town
  • They would realize additional savings because of less demolition being required, less repairs, less additional living expenses, and less processing fees.

Geer stated: “Insurance adjusters and agents are continually impressed by the performance of our tes unit. We dry things out that our competition can’t or won’t. Our competition was well established and we were the new company on the block. But tes and its high speed drying gave us a competitive and financial edge. What we were told could not be done, we accomplished in three months. Now we are ready to take the next step for Kodiak Restoration.”

To learn more about Kodiak Restoration and the market impact strategies they employed, visit www.tesdryingsystem.com.