More than 10% of Dri-Eaz Education’s Applied Structural Drying (ASD) attendees in the last two years have been insurance adjusters. Their participation enhances their understanding of the overall drying process, equipment use and proper monitoring and documentation.

“This is affecting the restorative drying industry. Insurance adjusters are now requesting drying documentation that the IICRC S500 water damage Standard and Reference Guide says that restorers should be providing.” said Brandon Burton, Technical Education Manager at Dri-Eaz.

“Those who don’t provide this information may find their invoices being challenged and adjusted - in some instances by several thousand dollars. On the flip side, those who have submitted the properly documented information are finding that they are earning higher profits and their invoices are being paid in a timely manner,” adds Burton.

Dri-Eaz will continue to encourage insurance professional participation in its ASD classes in 2007, now renamed Restorative Drying 201. The course has been enhanced with more hands-on activities and a new full-color workbook packed with information, exercises and illustrations straight from Dri-Eaz’ New Guide to Restorative Drying. The course also updates participants on the latest industry standards and drying methods. Add-on one-day classes on Advanced Drying and Desiccant Dehumidification or Golf Outings are available in combination with the new RD 201 course.