December 18, 2009. Burlington, Wash. As companies look for ways to expand their business, boost market share and become more profitable, Legend Brands announces a new program to provide customers with a broad range of lease and financing options.

The right financing program can help businesses improve their return on investment, reduce break-even time, preserve cash and other lines of credit and help with budgeting with fixed, predictable payments.

In today’s current business environment, a competitive lease or loan can help small business owners acquire key equipment and allow them to expand their service offerings and take on new business. “Staying responsive to market needs is critical to the success of any business,” said Steve Fane, Sales Manager at Legend Brands. “This is all the more important when times are tough. Our program puts a range of financing options in the hands of our customers.”

Financing for the powerful Sapphire 370SS truckmount starts as low as $15 per day and as little as $18 per day for the dual-wand Sapphire 454SS truckmount.

Legend Brands’ primary partner in the program, Beneficial Capital, brings a breadth of financing options to the table – including options that may not otherwise be available to customers. “We can put together packages built around the customer’s needs, whether that’s lower interest rates, cash flow control, or deferred payment structures,” said Jennifer Mathis at Beneficial Capital. “Our goal is to find the right funding solution for each customer’s unique needs.”

Another benefit of the program is the speed and convenience of the service. “When the customer’s credit rating is solid, we can usually render a decision within a matter of hours,” says Mathis, “and by emailing documents to our customers, we can get their equipment ordered that much faster. We believe financing should be a seamless and simple process for both the distributor and the customer.”

This financing program extends across all Legend Brands companies, including Sapphire Scientific truckmounts, accessories and carpet cleaning chemicals as well as BLUEline and Dri-Eaz equipment. Even ProRestore (Unsmoke, ODORx or Microban) chemical products can be included in a lease/financing package as long as their value does not exceed 25% of the total.

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