MADISON, WI – February 1, 2008 -- Phoenix Restoration Equipment, a division of Therma-Stor, LLC, is pleased to announce the acquisition of the manufacturing and distribution rights of Air Quest Systems’ (AQS) desiccant product line. The four desiccant platforms involved are the AQS 1200, AQS Descon-1, AQS 1800, and AQS 4800.

This acquisition has created the opportunity to combine the legendary engineering, manufacturing and product support of Phoenix Restoration Equipment with the innovative desiccant designs of AQS, the company said.

According to Phoenix, AQS’ “class-leading desiccant dehumidification systems will become Phoenix-branded products and will uphold the quality and performance standards that both AQS and Phoenix users are accustomed to. The robust construction, wide operating ranges, ultra-low grain output, and compact design of these AQS units make them reliable and profitable drying solutions for the restoration professional. Phoenix intends to continue our rich heritage of advancing technol-ogy and developing and deploying products which positively impact the restoration industry – allowing restoration contractors to better serve their customers.”