Reets Drying Academy is proud to announce the opening of their new 4500 square foot training facility in the Atlanta, GA area.  Founder Jeremy Reets is the inventor of the TES drying system and teaches the latest in drying techniques for TES and all other drying equipment in “The World’s Fastest Drying System,” an IICRC CE credit course.  He also teaches “The World’s Best Agent Marketing” to help restorers find success.  They plan to offer IICRC water restoration courses in 2009.

The new hands-on drying facility presents a true to life drying experience in a training environment.  The flood house is located outdoors, offering a realistic drying experience.  The flood house is built on an easily accessible crawl space with a dirt floor giving the unique opportunity to learn how to properly dry crawlspaces.  The house presents most commonly found construction techniques and finishes including drywall, plaster, tile, stone, vinyl, hardwood, wood sub floor, cabinets, concrete, cinder block among others.