Xactware and The Chicago Conservation Center recently announced a new partnership to streamline workflows. Claims professionals who use Xactware tools can now electronically send assignments directly to The Chicago Conservation Center.

The CCC offers a wide variety of services including the conservation of paintings, works of art on paper, photography, textiles, murals, furniture, frames, and other decorative objects. When an assignment is received, The CCC can immediately coordinate efforts to mitigate damage and develop a customized treatment plan.“Never assume an item is a loss,” said Heather Becker, president and CEO of The Chicago Conservation Center. “A professional conservation expert can often save art that may look irreparable to others.”

“When valuable art is involved in a disaster, saving and preserving these irreplaceable works is a top priority,” said Jim Loveland, Xactware’s president and CEO. “With the ability to send direct assignments to The Chicago Conservation Center, restoration professionals can immediately initiate the important steps needed to save the art.”