Ready When the Time Comes (RWTC), a new program from the American Red Cross and Grainger, will ensure immediate “People Power” is in place should disasters strike the Baltimore area. This comes in the form of an effective network of trained volunteers well equipped to provide food and shelter.

“The business community has a unique resource in its people and during times of disaster this is one of the greatest contributions we can make to the local community,” said Mike Pulick, senior vice president, customer service, Grainger. “For more than 63 years, Grainger has been committed to helping businesses in the Baltimore area get the supplies they need to respond, recover and rebuild when disasters strike. Our sponsorship of Ready When the Time Comes adds the commitment of Grainger employees to that effort.”

RWTC recruits volunteer teams from local corporations and trains them in emergency response before disaster strikes. Program volunteers receive free, specialized training in critical disaster response activities such as shelter operations, mass care, community response center operations and damage assessment.