The IICRC has been very active in working with various government entities recently on both the state and federal level. Most of this work has centered around various state efforts to establish laws and regulations regarding the performance of mold remediation services.

One of the most recent examples is in the state of Virginia, where the following information was received from the Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation:

“After a review of IICRC’s AMRT certification, the state of Virginia has determined that the IICRC certification AMRT is substantially equivalent to the Virginia Board for Asbestos, Lead, Mold, and Home Inspectors’ (Board) Mold Remediator Worker license type.” 

The IICRC government relations consultant, Dan Bernazzani, worked with the state to secure the first approval for the state and ensure that IICRC’s work toward ANSI accreditation stayed intact while working through the approval process. IICRC registrants who successfully complete the AMRT certification in Virginia will now be accepted as part of the application for a Virginia mold licensure in the state, since AMRT is substantially equivalent to Virginia’s Mold Remediator Worker License.

IICRC has also been working with the Canadian Province of Quebec Conselli’ere on communications and assistance around the severe flooding in that province. Copies of IICRC Water Damage Restoration and Mold Remediation Standards have been provided as needed.

Additionally, IICRC Representatives attended the National Legislative Summit in San Antonio, TX in August. The objective of attending this conference is to keep the IICRC Standards and Credentials in the forefront as legislators consider future regulations or legislation. IICRC Government Affairs Consultant Dan Bernazzani met with the Kentucky office of the Attorney General to complete the regulations following Kentucky’s adoption of the IICRC S-520 general principles of remediation through legislative action.

Work continues on the development of IICRC’s first National Mold Removal Specialist (MRS) Certification Exam. Completion of this exam will open doors and insure Certified Mold Removal Specialists meet all licensing requirements throughout the US. This MRS credential is designed to meet third party accreditation (ANSI) and state licensing requirements like those recently imposed in Florida. The exam is currently in the final beta testing stages, with public release slated for later this year.

As government regulation continues to enter into the restoration and remediation industry arena, IICRC continues to monitor state, county and even local municipal legislation around North America and offer assistance to legislators grappling with cleaning and restoration issues.

By keeping IICRC credentials and standards as the reference for regulation and legislation, IICRC is helping to insure that IICRC-Certified cleaners, restorers and remediators have every opportunity to meet or exceed any government standards as they are created.  IICRC standards and credentials are being recognized as the premier credentials in the restoration and remediation service arenas and it is our goal that they will remain in that prestigious position as government regulation and legislation continue to grow and affect the industry.