In R&R, we often have articles about industry trends. Typically, these trends are broad – like working with TPAs, catastrophe restoration, and hiring problems. However, there are other topics being talked about just as regularly among contractors – especially online.

Several manufacturers have gotten quite involved in some popular restoration industry Facebook pages. While the cleaning industry has had Mikey’s Board and some others for years, the restoration industry itself was a bit lacking in discussion boards until the launches of several now-very-popular groups just in the last 12 to 18 months. Here are a few that come immediately to my mind:

The first two groups mentioned on that list boast more than 2,100 members each, and there are dozens of discussions taking place daily. Often, the discussions are related to TPAs, large losses, or finding good help. But there are many more common topics that come up as well – such as Xactimate codes for certain equipment, getting paid for overhead and profit, how to create good pay and bonus structures for project managers and other employees, equipment tracking, marketing, working with adjusters, and the list goes on and on. Among all these questions, a few experts and seasoned restoration industry veterans do their best to offer answers and guidance. Many of these questions are very good indicators of things on the minds of many other restoration companies, although perhaps they haven’t been voiced aloud.

If you really want a taste of what’s on the minds of many small and mid-level restoration companies, connect in to one of these groups. Some manufacturers are starting to see the opportunity to educate (not sell) contractors about things like drying, odor removal, carpet dying, etc.

If you’re curious what’s on the minds of your colleagues, these groups might be a good place to start.