Earlier this month, Thomas Eric Duncan became the first person in the United States to be diagnosed with the Ebola virus following his return from Liberia. Sadly, Duncan died from the virus on October 8.

But this blog post isn’t so much about Duncan – it’s about the people who cleaned the Fort Worth apartment where Duncan’s Ebola symptoms came to fruition, a company known as “The Cleaning Guys.” The company specializes in crime scene and trauma cleaning, HAZMAT situations and other emergency cleaning situations, but how do you prepare to clean an apartment with the potential to be so harmful?

According to a recent news report on The Cleaning Guys, anxiousness over accepting the job – which so many other companies turned down, mind you – eventually turned to ease, as the company was well prepared to deal with this situation.

The story states that The Cleaning Guys donned all the proper PPE and filled about 140 barrels from the home for incineration over the four-day project.

Check out more about how the cleaning went down by clicking here. And watch for the November issue of R&R for a special story on Ebola and what bio-hazard professionals can learn from the African outbreak (as well as situations like Duncan’s that have presented themselves domestically).

 Would your company be prepared to handle a high-profile job like this?