R&R’s “I’ve Never Seen That Before…” contest has been live for a couple of weeks now and so far we’ve received some funny, weird – and gross – entries from restoration and remediation workers all over the country.

Here’s a snippet of one we received from Complete Restoration LLC in Montana:

“Recently, a repeat customer of ours called and her first sentence was, "Please don't say 'no' without thinking about this first." The homeowner had a holding pond that needed some restoration - mainly removal of objects. (It) sounded simple enough until we saw the pictures. The water was bright green with a thick layer of moss and scum.”

Umm... gross.

We’ll save the rest of Complete Restoration’s story for later, but in the meantime, if you’ve had an interesting, gross or funny experience on a restoration or remediation job, we want you to enter your submission. Click here for the full contest details and to enter.