Bob Beard, CEO HydraMaster announced a new nationwide distributor agreement to sell HydraMaster products to New Source Network ("NSN"), a nationwide network of independent cleaning and restoration distributors.   “Although HydraMaster has historically sold to many NSN members individually, we are excited to formally expand our relationship with this industry leading organization to an even higher level.  This agreement provides all NSN members the opportunity receive organization-wide volume pricing in return for maintaining increased product offerings of HydraMaster carpet cleaning equipment, accessories and chemicals...all backed by HydraMaster's world-class installation and tech support. This is a win, win, win for HydraMaster, NSN members and their cleaning/restoration contractors.”

 Glenn Evans, Director of Membership for NSN added “New Source Network (NSN) is excited and happy to announce the newly expanded and reshaped partnership with HydraMaster and Universal Cleaning Concepts, LLC.  Together, we have enjoyed a long and storied history with deep roots within our cleaning & restoration industry. We look forward to a future that will always look brighter with forged business partnerships that support one another. As NSN Members, we're all grateful to be a network of independent distributors, with the ability to pool our resources to be able to provide our customers with the most competitive prices on cutting edge products in the industry. All while offering the kinds of customer service relationships that our clients have come to know and trust.”

 HydraMaster is a leading manufacturer of Truckmounted and potable carpet, upholstery, and hard surface floors cleaning and restoration equipment, tolls, accessories, and cleaning solutions. You can learn more about their products by visiting

 New Source Network was established by Independent Distributors for the purpose of providing its members the highest level of support from key vendors. Most NSN stores are family owned and operated and that sense of family is extended into a larger frame by means of the New Source Network. NSN Distributors can be found in 24 States with 2 locations in Canada. With 25 Owners of Independent Distributorships of Carpet Cleaning / Restoration / Remediation / Safety / Janitorial Supplies, with 37 Warehouse Locations. You could say, we've got you covered!

 You can learn more about the New Source Network at