Two companies known for providing safer ways to solve tough cleaning challenges worked together to develop a solution to protect homes and businesses from mold damage. Though sister companies with synergistic missions, this is the first time EarthSafe and EvaClean have combined chemical technologies into one system. The result is the OnePro Mold Remover & Protectant System, a remediation solution that stops damage before it starts, first eliminating mold and mildew with EvaClean's PurOne cleaner and disinfectant, then sealing surfaces to inhibit growth with EarthSafe's XMold Pro polymer coating.

"We're all about proactive prevention," said EarthSafe CEO Steve Wilson. "In an emergency, it can take a remediation contractor several days to get to a facility or home, during which time extensive mold damage will have already happened.

“Safety has always been at the forefront of everything our companies do, and OnePro is no exception. Using hazardous products to remove mold essentially replaces one risk with another."

The NaDCC chemistry in PurOne has a neutral pH and is an EPA registered bactericide, virucide, and fungicide that cleans and disinfects mold, mildew and other, including aspergillosis, a leading cause of infection-related deaths in immunocompromised patients.

XMold Pro is non-toxic and requires no protective clothing to apply. Its patented Superstratum Adaptive Smart Polymer technology forms a fungicidal barrier that protects for as long as five years.

OnePro is safe for fabrics, upholstery, carpet, cement, tile and many other porous and nonporous surfaces and protects against mold degradation both indoors and out including attics, floors, bathrooms, kitchens, storage areas, HVAC systems, decks, awnings, furniture, boats, and more. With the introduction of OnePro, EarthSafe and EvaClean make it possible to eradicate mold and keep it from coming back or better yet, prevent it from ever growing in the first place.