RE-U-ZIP’s Reusable Dust Barrier Zipper uses a hook and loop system designed to eliminate all major pain points associated with single-use disposable dust barrier zippers. It is reusable for increased cost-efficiency, jam resistance, separation resistance and break resistance

The zipper is designed to be easily attached, adjusted, removed and reused at a fraction of the cost of disposable zippers. The company’s Mounting Strips are available so that the RE-U-ZIP Dust Barrier Zippers can be reused multiple times. Additionally, the company says the environmental effects of solid waste produced are nearly half that of disposable zipper options.

Heavy-duty 7-gauge zippers aim to provide a high level of break resistance, while the premium adhesive backing of the Mounting Strips reportedly dramatically reduces the risk of unwanted detachment from the dust barrier. The two-layer system also keeps plastic sheeting out of the path of the zipper teeth, reducing the possibility of zipper jam.  In addition, a scored cut-guide helps to create an opening with precision and ease.