When Hurricane Laura first began its path of destruction, 911 Restoration’s team of dedicated franchisees and emergency disaster responders got right to work.

The Category 4 storm left behind much destruction in parts of Louisiana and Texas, resulting in massive structural damage and flooding at various residential and commercial businesses in cities like Lake Charles, LA, and Port Arthur, TX.

911 Restoration branches from Mesa, AZ, Houston, TX, and other cities responded to the devastation left behind by Hurricane Laura right away. They have been committed to assessing and providing solutions for speedy and efficient repairs to mitigate damage and help restore lives.

Jarom Mann and Josh Carroll are business partners who run 911 Restoration of Mesa, AZ. They are currently hard at work in Lake Charles, LA, assisting locals with Hurricane Laura disaster restoration.

“We’re really excited about being here,” Mann said. “There’s a lot of people that need a lot of help and we are grateful to have the opportunity to be here to help put people’s lives back together.”

Scott Pulliam from 911 Restoration of South Mississippi says launching his franchise in February was the best decision he ever made. Right now, Pulliam and his team are working hard to provide 911 Restoration customers with vital emergency restoration services in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura.

“For my family and I, this has been a blessing,” Pulliam said. “In the last six or seven months, I’ve experienced probably the best and the worst that this business can offer. From large loss to hurricanes...This has been a great opportunity.”

As a nationwide restoration company, 911 Restoration emphasizes the “Fresh Start” philosophy — helping individuals rebuild lives and receive the best customer experience. Everyone deserves a fresh start. At 911 Restoration, we believe that our services can help make a difference one repair at a time.