Oxy-Gen Powered, a leader in innovative odor control solutions, recently unveiled TerminOdor™, an odor eliminating spray. TerminOdor harnesses the power of the company’s proprietary malodor eliminator, Neutra-lox™, to quickly neutralize odor molecules rather than mask them.

“TerminOdor knocks out a variety of odors that can negatively impact people’s perception of a facility and its level of cleanliness,” said Chris Whiting, Executive Vice President – North America, Oxy-Gen Powered. “Fast and effective odor control makes TerminOdor ideal for a variety of environments, such as offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, fitness centers and more.”

Available in 22-ounce spray bottles – sold individually or in cases of six –TerminOdor features a pleasant lemongrass fragrance and instantly eliminates odors caused by urine, feces, body odor, pets, cooking, tobacco, mold and mildew. Malodor molecules don’t stand a chance against Neutra-lox, the built-in odor-eliminating agent. For instant freshness, users simply spray TerminOdor into the air.

“With the addition of TerminOdor, Oxy-Gen Powered now offers a complete suite of air care products that also includes our programmable air freshening system, Oxygen-Pro, and Fab 30 urinal screens,” added Whiting.”This makes it easier than ever for facilities to maintain freshness all the time.”

For more information, visit www.oxygenpowered.com.