When disaster strikes, it’s not just the property that is affected but also the contents. Synergy Response’s contents cleaning is available to bring life back to these items after water, fire, mold, or smoke damage. 

Synergy Response is pleased to announce that they are offering restoration contractors that do not have the equipment to offer this service as a partnership opportunity. Restoration contractors in Austin, Tex., and surrounding areas that partner with Synergy can now offer electronic and cleaning services to their customers.

Leah Mirra, CEO of Synergy Response stated:

Our team is super excited to help disaster restoration contractors in Austin, Texas and surrounding counties increase their sales and business opportunities by offering consumers and their insurance providers content and electronic cleaning service solutions.  This is a win-win proposition for restoration contractors, insurance providers, and consumers because our state-of-the-art equipment can restore textiles, rugs, window treatments, upholstery, electronics, televisions, DVD Players, laptops, keyboards, computers, bedframes, housewares, furniture, glassware, keepsakes, delicate items, exercise equipment, and more!

One of the biggest concerns of consumers when they face a catastrophic event like fire or water damage is the loss of personal keepsakes and items that have significant sentimental value.  Synergy's contents restoration team is fully aware of this and take great care to restore these items in our facility based in Austin.

Mark Mirra, COO of Synergy Response stated:

Ultimately, our goal is to offer “Peace of Mind” to consumers concerned about the potential loss of their personal contents.  Contractors that partner with us can either facilitate the transport of contents to our facility where our team carefully reviews, categorizes, and cleans salvageable damaged contents. They also have the option of arranging us to handle the packout / packback.  An added benefit of restoring contents is this reduces replacement costs in turn saving insurance providers costs as well. 

Contractors who wish to learn more about this service and/or want to partner with Synergy Response and begin offering content cleaning and electronic cleaning services to consumers in their area are invited to call 512-675-4224.

In addition to contents/electronics cleaning, Synergy is also excited to announce they are now licensed in the state of Texas to complete mold remediation. Certified, licensed, and insured in both New York and Texas, the team is proud to offer superior service and is currently interested in partnering with like-minded Mold Inspectors in the area – and believe there is an amazing opportunity in strategic partnerships --- ensuring quality of life for people’s homes and places of work.

About Synergy Response

Synergy Response is a division of Secure Solutions, started by Mark and Leah Mirra over 10 years ago in Upstate, New York.  This company is a one stop source for home improvement and restoration needs.  Longing for a lifestyle change and a desire to be closer to family, the Mirras moved back to Texas in 2019 and started Synergy Response.  Identifying the market opportunities in content and electronic cleaning they invested in state-of-the-art equipment so they can offer these solutions to consumers, contractors, and insurance companies.