Chunks of ceiling tile had to be removed Monday at Columbus Alternative High School (CAHS) after water entered the classroom, per Columbus City School District.

Spokesperson Scott Varner said Sunday's drop in temperatures caused a copper coil to break along the exterior wall of a second floor classroom. Varner said water leaked into the classroom below, forcing crews to remove chunks of ceiling tiles. 

“The water then leaked to the classroom below on the first floor. In tracking the leak, our crews pulled down wet ceiling tiles. There was no ceiling collapse. The impact was minimal and, unless something more comes up, those two classrooms will be back in operation tomorrow,” said Varner, CCS spokesman.

CAHS students said they were shocked finding fallen ceiling tiles and water damage in a physics classroom as well as a classroom for special needs children. “While the extent of the damage isn't known yet, one thing is clear, the conditions of this building remain a safety hazard to our students and staff," said junior Brandon Simmons, who is in the Civic Education and Leadership Academy. "We also know several boxes of science supplies are water damaged.”

Video posted by a student online showed the extent of the damage. The building is one of the oldest in the district, built in 1926.

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