SurfaceShield® and SurfaceShield Plus protectants offer a new class of breathable, penetrating barrier that prevents the nutrients that promote mold and mildew growth from reaching the surface of wood, brick and other porous materials.

As the final step on mold remediation projects, SurfaceShield includes an EPA-registered preservative that inhibits the growth of mold and mildew on the dry coating surface. And unlike antimicrobial paints, SurfaceShield utilizes a patented technology that penetrates deeply into materials and creates a sandable, paintable, moisture-resistant, and breathable coating.

SurfaceShield products also make materials highly resistant to future water damage, as the barrier resists water intrusion and provides continued protection against staining from mold and mildew. And unlike sealant-type treatments, which can seal in moisture and cause swelling, splitting and rot, SurfaceShield’s dried coating allows moisture to migrate out of materials and evaporate.

Bill Weigand, Director of Restoration Chemicals at Legend Brands said “SurfaceShield offers superior protection against microbial growth on structural materials at a lower price than competitive products.”

SurfaceShield is an economical low-VOC solution that can be applied quickly and efficiently with an airless sprayer – it covers up to 1,000 square feet per gallon. SurfaceShield goes on clear, while SurfaceShield Plus includes a white tint to help track application. Both products also include a UV tracer to verify application if needed.

SurfaceShield products are covered by a 10-year limited warranty to provide extra assurance. 

Weigand said, “Contractors can immediately see the value of SurfaceShield and will appreciate the extra assurance it offers against future mold growth.”

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