The American Risk Management Resources Network, LLC. insurance brokerage firm has designed a mold insurance product that is particularly good for IICRC Certified Firms and the owners and managers of commercial property.

The ARMR HPR insurance policy has been specifically designed to insure commercial properties like shopping malls, schools, office buildings, condos  and hotels for losses involving mold and bacteria as well as a wide range of other contaminants. The ARMR exclusive insurance policy provides specific insurance coverage for water intrusion first call response and remediation work performed under the IICRC S500 and S520 guidelines. The S500 and S520 Standards are specifically referenced as the insured clean-up protocol in the ARMR HPR insurance product.

The custom designed ARMR HPR mold insurance product took seven years in R&D to perfect.

Today 99% of commercial property owners are in need of this insurance and likely have no idea why this is true because the insurance agents have never explain the mold/bacteria sublimit on the property insurance policy to their customer.

The HPR stands for highly protected risks and IICRC certified contractors play a big roll in making the insured properties “highly protected risks”.

All purchasers of the  ARMR HPR insurance policy must have a preplaced drying agreement in place with an IICRC certified firm who is part of the ARMR Network of contractors.

The combination of customized environmental insurance with the water intrusion loss control services provided by the IICRC Certified firms in the ARMR Network of approved contractors, enables the top rated insurance company providing the ARMR HPR insurance product to reduce the premiums normally charged to insure commercial properties for mold/bacteria related  losses by more than half.

Driven by substantial insurance premium discounts for the owners of commercial property, the ARMR HPR insurance product has the potential to fundamentally alter how restoration firms secure first calls on water intrusion losses in commercial property.

ARMR sells the ARMR HPR insurance product in every state through tens of thousands of local insurance agents and brokers.

IICRC Certified Firms in the ARMR Network can use the ARMR HPR product as a door opener into insurance agencies for first responder referral business.

This is the first time restorers can help insurance agents sell insurance to their commercial property owners.

The ARMR HPR policy creates a source of insurance coverage for mold and bacteria remediation’s. Most property insurance policies today limit the coverage for mold and bacteria restorations to as little as $10,000. As insurance claims adjusters become more familiar with how to cut off claims using these sublimits, more and more restoration firms are left with uncollectable receivables for the work performed on restorations involving mold and bacteria.

There is a webcast scheduled for January 4th to introduce the ARMR HPR insurance product to insurance agents and restoration contractors.

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January 4th, 2018 at 11:00AM CST
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