FLO-X is the first patented, EPA certified mold killer solution on the market that kills Stachybotrys Chartarum and Aspergillus Niger on contact 100% and prevents regrowth. This new EPA designation covers all of the products manufactured by Pro Strong Arm. These products are available at major chain stores across the U.S. and worldwide.
The mode of action for FLO-X® is that of a metabolic inhibitor in molds and fungi causing a breakdown in the normal feeding cycle of these organisms. With the pH of water, it is safe for your children, family, and pets. This is the only product that penetrates deep into the wood cellulose ensuring long-lasting protection from the dangerous health effects that mold can bring. Most stain removers do not actually kill the mold, they only remove dirt stains.  These stains are not active mold growth. Bleach and disinfectants do not kill Stachybotrys Chartarum and Aspergillus Niger. The new EPA designation proves FLO-X actually kills the mold on contact!

“When you clean your home and workplace with FLO-X, you can walk away knowing you have reduced the health hazards,” explains Eric K. Yohan, CEO and product developer.

FLO-X line of products have received EPA registration as a fungicide and moldicide with EPA registered efficacy to support our mold claim. The registration number is on each container. This is a patented product (2014). All FLO-X products contain fluorescent marker for quality control and third-party inspection. FLO-X can be used on areas with chronic water/damp problems and still be effective.

Learn more at their website, www.prostrongarm.com.