Alpha Contents Restoration is making a big step -- taking its successful contents restoration business and scaling it into a franchise model.
“Alpha is the first and only full service contents restoration franchise, filling a void in the insurance restoration industry” said Eric Ten Eyck, CEO and founder of Alpha Contents Restoration Franchise. He added, “we have identified the key pain points of all channel partners in the contents restoration industry and have built a business model that addresses the challenges”.
Alpha Contents is an established service company in Orange County, Calif. This corporate location will host the franchise corporate offices and continue to serve as the test ground for products, services and business practices.
Currently approved in 37 states, Alpha Contents Restoration Franchise is now meeting with franchise candidates across the U.S. and Canada. Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited to a Discovery Day in early December where they will get an in depth look at the opportunity.
“Discovery Day is when we pull back the curtains, so to speak, and let the attendees ask the hard questions” said Ten Eyck. The franchise “hard launch” will begin in early 2016 with a series of trade shows and marketing events.
Insurance carriers spend $92 billion annually in property restoration claims and until now, there was no unifying force on the contents side, to bring actionable business intelligence to the client, the carrier or the contractor. The current “Ad Hoc” nature of service in contents restoration is what fueled Ten Eyck to scale his business.