diki logo wind fire waterDisaster Kleenup International (DKI) has announced that it has entered into a partnership with FranConnect, a franchise management solutions provider, to improve both its sales process and data management, according to a press release.

For DKI, FranConnect’s solutions will improve sales management and internal communication to optimize efficiency, as well as spur future growth and development.

“I have worked with FranConnect before and was confident their platform could provide the solutions I needed for my team,” says Steve Boyce, DKI VP of Operations. “We identified areas where we could improve and have been working with FranConnect to build platforms that will allow us to better measure sales activity and improve communication within our system.

“We customized FranConnect’s franchise sales platform, which we named DKI Connect, to fit our industry, and to support the sales process from beginning to end. The platform provides assistance from FDD compliance through to the final signing agreement. The customer portal also gives us a much clearer picture of what our team members are doing and how it contributes to DKI’s bottom line.”

As a result of the partnership, DKI is positioned to have one of its most successful years since its inception in 1974. Since implementing the customized, easy-to-use platforms in April, DKI has already sold 32 additional franchises, which Boyce attributes to FranConnect’s tracking and sales system.

 For more information, visit www.disasterkleenup.com.