MMR Mold Stain Remover is ideal for removing mold stains from your remediation projects. Eliminate scrubbing, sanding and blasting to reduce labor hours and increases net profits.

Benefits: MMR mold stain remover is a “game-changing” product for mold remediation projects involving wood building components. It’s a fast and easy spray application that instantly removes mold stains on contact. MMR penetrates the porous nature of mold-contaminated building materials, quickly leaving surfaces clean and free from troublesome mold stains.

Advantages: All mold stain removers, and their primary ingredients are delivered in water. Over time, this water degrades the strength of the product. By the time a buyer purchases product, it may have lost a considerable amount of its strength.

To ensure maximum strength and best results, MMR is manufactured and bottled every week – sometimes daily, based upon demand. No stocking distributors and warehouse shelf lag. That means you get the strongest product possibly available. It’s shipped from Chicago – on demand, arriving days after you notify us.

MMR was designed by mold remediation professionals for their own use. It’s used in our daily remedial activities, so we know how well it works. We get feedback day-by-day, batch-by-batch. MMR is quickly making believers out of the remediation industry.

Active Ingredients: MMR is a proprietary blend of EPA registered ingredients including surfactants and an aggressive hypochlorite solution. This combination is particularly effective and shows results superior to those exhibited by peroxide-based products. The stain removing power of MMR exceeds anything currently on the market. MMR’s formulation has been tested, refined and monitored in remediation projects for over nine years.

Uses: MMR is designed for porous building materials like OSB, plywood, sheathing, rafters, truss and joist. It provides immediate results on components found in attics, crawls spaces, around window framing, wall cavities and other surfaces most commonly affected by moisture intrusion and subsequent mold growth. MMR also works great on masonry, composite decking, hardiboard, cedar shake roofing, etc.

Application: MMR is applied with a garden pump sprayer or other specialty sprayers. Application with an airless paint sprayer or with a fogger is not recommended. MMR sprays on lightly, no need for scrubbing, blasting or abrading to remove stains. No wipe down or clean-off required. MMR has a chlorine-like odor that dissipates in hours. Full PPG is recommended when applying MMR. Avoid applying MMR to mechanicals, duct work or fabrics. MMR’s application rate is approximately 250 – 350 sq/ft. per ready-to-use gallon.

Pricing and Quantities: Purchase MMR for $29.99/g, in 1-gallon or 5-gallon containers. Small quantities are shipped FedEx Ground while orders in excess of 20 gallons typically ship freight.

Questions: To learn more about MMR, to request an MSDS, or to learn how MMR mold stain remover can benefit your mold remediation projects, feel free to contact Chris with Mold Solutions International at 708-441-7982, by email at visit our website at or search moldstainremover on YouTube.

MMR mold stain remover from Mold Solutions International is the newest and best weapon in your remedial efforts.