There was an interesting article recently on MSNBC that, using hidden cameras, revealed that some mold remediation professionals are charging customers for repairs that aren’t needed.

From MSNBC:  “A basement playroom, a concerned mother, and a parade of mold contractors she called for help. "I have my son down here a lot, and there are some dark spots that I'm a little worried about," she tells them. But that mom is really an undercover TODAY show producer. And those spots aren't mold: They're really women's eye shadow. We know, because we put them there. So would these mold contractors know the difference, or charge us big money to solve a problem our experts say doesn't exist?"You're saying this is mold?" I asked one. “Do you want to hear what it really is? Women's eye shadow that we put there this morning." "Wow," the contractor replied.”

Check out the rest of this very interesting piece by clicking here.