Wood Dale, IL – Disaster Kleenup International LLC, North America's largest disaster restoration contracting organization, today announced that DKI Member Company, Cleanrite-Buildrite, was chosen by Animal Planet to participate in the clean-up of a Northern California home in the television filming of “Confessions: Animal Hoarding” that will air in the fall.

Monday, April 18th, 2011, a team of Valley Humane Society staff members and volunteers were on scene and took in ten dogs with the full cooperation of the dog’s owner. The homeowner himself asked for assistance in this situation and was given the opportunity for a no-kill shelter to adopt and assist in the needs of the dogs.

Cleanrite-Buildrite’s staff assisted in the cleaning, sterilizing, and repairing of the property. Workers from Cleanrite-Buildrite worked between the hours of 12:00pm and 10:00pm and were able to remove pet soils from the living space, clean and sterilize multiple rooms, repair damage to walls, doors, and multiple locations for a safe and healthier environment.

“It is great to see what our Cleanrite-Buildrite team did in such a short period of time to make the home a functioning space again for the family – a peace of mind,” stated Annie Tautz, Business Development Representative for Cleanrite-Buildrite.

The episode will air on Animal Planet's new hit series Confessions: Animal Hoarding. The series explores stories of people who own more pets then they can care for. The problem of animal hoarding is little understood, but far more common than most people realize. There are over 3000 reported cases a year, and at least ten times that number that go unreported. The series brings families together to voluntarily find humane solutions that work for both pets and people. If you know someone who might be an animal hoarder, you can learn more at www.animalhoardingproject.com.

Cleanrite-Buildrite, headquartered in Chico, California has been providing restoration services since 1959 and has been a Member of DKI since 2003.