Evans Garment Restoration, LLC in Springfield, IL announces that it has recently passed its triennial ISO certification audit and has been certified by UL-DQS that it has implemented and maintains a Quality Management System to the ISO 9001-2008 standard.

This certification demonstrates Evans’ on-going commitment to following well defined quality management practices for delivering quality products and services as well as continual improvement. The ISO 9001-2008 standards are often identified as an important component of an overall quality management system by many of the world’s very best businesses.

“The third ISO certification audit is a tough one”, said Mike Rusciolelli, President of Evans Garment Restoration. “Meeting the ISO standards for quality management is really tough to begin with and maintaining those standards requires a diligent effort. I’m very proud of our team of high quality personnel that are really dedicated to quality. In fact, since executing the internal systems required to comply with the ISO standard, we have seen a remarkable improvement in our quality performance and customer satisfaction ratings.”

All Evans plants throughout the country are using the same systems developed to obtain ISO certification in the flagship Springfield, IL plant and have passed Evans’ internal audits and are working towards full ISO DQS certification in the near future.