JACKSON NJ – March 6, 2009 -- “This is a real rewarding experience to be part of. Giving back to people in need is always a wonderful thing to do. The exposure and contacts made during our time here is invaluable!” said Paul Medis, Water Out of Northeast Florida, after participating in an Extreme Makeover: Home Edition build in Tallahassee, Florida in February.

For the past three seasons of the hit ABC Television show,Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,Water Out contractors across the country have been donating their time, Water Out trailers, labor and services. Water Out has provided assistance on more projects than any other company in the country.

Several years ago, a Water Out contractor saw in his local newspaper in Oklahoma thatExtreme Makeover: Home Editionwas looking for volunteers. They showed up at the site with their work trucks, crew and a Water Out trailer. The project managers asked them what the trailer did and they replied “it dries buildings.”

The project managers knew exactly what to do with the Water Out trailer. The builders on these projects really do build these homes in 7 days, and they can use all the help they can get. The primary function for the Water Out contractors is to start drying after the drywall contractors apply the first layer of drywall mud. Drying the mud speeds up the drywall process so the painters can start their work and the trim contractors can get started and so on and so on, saving precious hours on a build.Extreme Makeover: Home Editionasked Water Out in Oklahoma to hook up their Water Out trailer after the drywall was up and the rest is history!

There have been builds where the trailers have been used for other reasons. The New Hampshire build, handled by Water Out of Vermont, dried the framing lumber that got wet due to heavy rains, Water Out Coastal dried the wet crawl space of a home in Maryland so the electricians and plumbers could get in and finish their work, and Water Out of Sacramento left their trailers on a build in Reno for the entire week to provide heat for the volunteers.