HAYWARD, Calif. (October 7, 2009) ---- Eight of the 30 licensed FRSTeam Fabric Restoration franchise operators have expanded or are now planning to expand their territories and facilities by opening new FRSTeam locations devoted exclusively to fabric and fire restoration, the company said.

“It is very exciting to see that eight of our current 30 independent licensees, or more than 25 percent, have chosen to invest further in growing the restoration side of their drycleaning businesses under FRSTeam during the last two years,” said Jim Nicholas, president of FRSTeam. “In this down economy, it is very fulfilling to provide an opportunity to our independently licensed franchise operators to diversify and grow their businesses with our proven fabric restoration services and business practices catering to insurers and loss mitigation contractors.”

The expansions by the independent operators of FRSTeam franchises began with FRSTeam by Hilkers Cleaners in Raleigh, N.C., which expanded by adding a FRSTeam location in Charlotte in the fall of 2007. FRSTeam by Rogers Garment Restoration in St. Petersburg added an Orlando location later in the year, and FRSTeam by Love Cleaners in Bayshore, N.Y., expanded in 2008 by opening a facility in Camden, N.J., and acquiring the FRSTeam license for markets across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The licensees’ expansions under FRSTeam continued in 2009 with the opening of the FRSTeam location serving Little Rock, Ark., by Memphis-based FRSTeam by Crescent Restoration. Also earlier this year, FRSTeam by Recovery Cleaners in Madison Heights, Mich., acquired the rights to the north Florida market and opened a location in Jacksonville, Fla., and FRSTeam by West Covina Cleaners in California opened a facility in Ventura, Calif. Last month, FRSTeam by Royal Fine Cleaners in Tuscaloosa, Ala., opened a FRSTeam location in Pearl, Miss., to service the central region of the state, and FRSTeam by King Fine Cleaners in Foley, Ala., is acquiring the rights to the New Orleans market and opening a new facility there next month. Most recently, FRSTeam by Love Cleaners continued expanding its operations by acquiring the rights for the state of Connecticut and opening a facility in North Haven.

In addition to the expansion of current franchise location operators, FRSTeam has also grown by adding 5 new independent licensees during the last year, and it now offers fabric and fire restoration services in 39 states from its 41 locations across the continental United States.

FRSTeam also maintains an operator in Ontario, Canada, as well as an affiliate relationship with Johnsons Fabric Restoration Services, the largest restoration cleaner in the United Kingdom.