November 20, 2008 – Burlington, Wash. Legend Brands, the parent company of Dri-Eaz Products and Unsmoke/Microban, has established a new corporate entity called Sapphire Scientific to launch a revolutionary system for carpet cleaning professionals.

  “Sapphire Scientific will redefine mobile carpet cleaning and set a new standard for the next 15 years,” said Bill Bruders, President/CEO of Legend Brands. Sapphire products will utilize the best technology available for all components of the cleaning system. “Carpet cleaning has seen little innovation since the introduction of truck mount equipment many years ago. Our goal is to challenge every component of the system to produce the best, most efficient system possible.”

  Cleaning application products will be developed from the ground up by industry experts with extensive experience. “We’re utilizing the latest developments in detergents, surfactants and stain-removal chemistry,” said John Ormsby, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “We want to ensure that we’re providing products that will deliver the best performance and the best value.”

  Sapphire Scientific is operating out of a Prescott, Ariz., facility, where start-up personnel Mike Roden and Joe Domin, are currently developing products. Roden has over 30 years of experience in truck mount engineering and is responsible for several key technologies used in almost all truck mounts today. Domin, widely recognized as the guru of carpet cleaning chemistry, has four decades of experience developing highly effective cleaning chemicals. Mike Kerner, formerly Senior Scientist for ServiceMaster Clean, is also serving as a key part of Sapphire’s development team.

  According to Bruders, preliminary test data of the truck mount design concepts is showing excellent performance improvements over existing truck mounts. “Our early tests show a lot of promise,” said Bill. “This equipment will redefine performance and reliability for truck mount extraction for many years.”

  Sapphire Scientific is part of a family of brands under the Legend Brands banner. It includes Microban/Unsmoke applications, produced by ProRestore in Coraopolis, Penn., and Dri-Eaz Products in Burlington.