BOSTON, Massachusetts (January 15, 2009) – FLIR Systems, Inc., the global leader in infrared cameras, announced its 10th annual InfraMation Conference and a special 10th anniversary opportunity to save on early registration. InfraMation – the world’s largest infrared camera applications conference will be held October 19-22, 2009 at the Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas.

 In honor of the conference’s 10th anniversary, InfraMation 2009 is featuring leading industry professionals in an exciting new program of customer/end-user presentations and more clinics than ever before. Presentations will focus on operational savings and cost cutting, innovative breakthroughs, and practical application.

FLIR’s Infrared Training Center (ITC) instructors and industry experts will lead a clinic program running three-hour clinics each afternoon. Presentations and clinics address a wide-variety of infrared camera applications including building sciences and diagnostics, manufacturing and industrial automation, predictive maintenance, research and development and much more.

 In response to the survey of the more than 500 attendees at InfraMation 2008, InfraMation is back in Las Vegas, this time at Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel.

InfraMation has grown to more than 600 attendees from 80 at the first conference in 2000, with a line-up of impressive sponsors for this premier event, and to hundreds of presentations and clinics dedicated to industry professionals. It is the world’s leading infrared camera conference and professional education opportunity.

“We take our responsibility to the thermographic profession seriously. We are honored that InfraMation continues to grow and attract those in the industry who realize the almost endless opportunity for infrared cameras. The 10th anniversary conference celebrates a decade of innovation and advances and will be an outstanding, can’t-miss event. If you can only go to one professional event this year, this is it,” said David Francoeur, Director of Marketing, FLIR Systems.

FLIR’s 10th Anniversary early bird registration special offers five free hotel nights if registered by February 27, 2009.  Register by visiting or call 1-866-Train-IR (1-866-872-4647).