The IICRC recently held its semi-annual certification council and board of directors meetings in Las Vegas, Nev. immediately following the Connections Convention. The certification council registered record attendance with nearly 150 industry representatives attending.

The discussions included presentations on computer-based testing techniques, exam development and evaluation procedures, and reports on the updates underway on IICRC exams and standards. Elections were held at the board meetings, and the IICRC officers and board of directors for the 2010-2011 fiscal year are: Paul Pearce – Chairman; Darrell Paulson – Vice President; Mike Reed – Vice President; David Jones – Int’l Vice President; Rosemary Schooley – Secretary; Ed Hobbs – Treasurer; Barry Costa – Cert. Council Chairman.; Al Luedtke – Director; Barry Lichtenstein – Director; Bill Weigand – Director; Bob Diloreto – Director; Brian Kornet – Director; Chris Davis – Director; Cindy Boland – Director; Craig Jasper – Director; Dan Mabesoone – Director; David Keiter – Director; Graham Bedwell – Director; Jim Pemberton – Director; Patrick Moffett – Director; Pete Duncanson – Director; Rod Paulson – Director; Tony Wheelwright – Director.

There has been a lot of industry discussion lately around the State of Florida requiring licensing for mold remediation contractors. The IICRC government affairs committee has been working with the Florida department of regulatory affairs to take steps for IICRC certifications to be accepted. Currently the IICRC certifications are grandfathered in Florida through the first quarter of 2011, as long as the appropriate applications and documentation are filed. Further discussions are taking place for going forward beyond the grandfathering period.

The ANSI/ IICRC S500 Standard for Professional Water Damage Restoration is moving forward through the revision and updating process. While not a complete re-write, the document will undergo technical and procedural updates, keeping it current with industry-best practices. The updating process, including peer review, is expected to take about another year.

During the meetings several instructors and schools were approved to teach classes leading toward IICRC certification. Class locations and details can be located on the IICRC web site The class listing is updated each week to be sure the listings are current.

IICRC continues to grow and expand, with new certified firm benefits, additional certifications on deck, and continued contact in the area of government affairs. The goal is to work toward a unified and standardized industry with greater recognition and credibility from both within the industry and from outside consumers.