The story of our lives is written one day at a time. One success at a time. One failure at a time. One solitary moment at a time. Often, life’s defining moments happen without our knowledge. Yet months or years later, we look back and realize what seemed like a passing moment in time was truly a moment that defined us. What are these moments in your life that helped shape the story of your success? Perhaps it was some clarity from a mentor, an encouraging word from a friend, or an embarrassing mistake at work. Or, perhaps, it was 20 seconds of insane courage.

“All you need is 20 seconds
of insane courage and I promise you,
something great will come of it.”
~Matt Damon | We Bought a Zoo~

Many of the over 40 women nominated for the Recognizing Women in Restoration Award this year had defining moments of courage. Some were obvious moments, others perhaps were less-defined at the time, yet each equaled forward momentum. This year’s winner, Lisa Cordasco, and runner-up, Diane Whittles, both have strong defining moments where life required them to make courageous decisions that have yielded beautiful results.

This year, I’ve seen more women involved in industry organizations, more women presenting at conferences, and perhaps best of all – more women being authentic in their role in their company and the restoration industry as a whole. It’s thrilling to see the “brotherhood” mentality begin to fade, even a little, and a new comradery among us all begins to form.

So, to the ladies reading this, where do we go now? What will the next year bring? And … is it time for you to use those 20 seconds of insane courage? To the gentlemen – I ask you the same question! What is the next step for your business? What do you hope the next year brings for your company, and the industry as a whole? And what can we all do to advance our industry, and this comradery, forward together?