It's no secret that bed bug infestations have become a growing problem in recent years as they continue to proliferate and expand their dominance as one of the most formidable pests to exterminate. To make matters worse, research has shown that many of the pre-existing bed bug treatment options have lost their effectiveness. To better serve customers and successfully eliminate bed bug problems both commercially and residentially, Pied Piper Services is now the first Oklahoma pest control company to provide revolutionary Aprehend® treatments for bed bug control.

Composed of Beauveria bassiana fungal spores, the proprietary formulation of Aprehend® is designed to kill bed bugs in all life stages within four to ten days after they come into contact with a treated surface. Each treatment given by Pied Piper Services can provide up to three months of protection from potential bed bug infestations, making it extremely effective in commercial applications such as hotels, motels or multi-family housing. For the ultimate protection against bed bug infestation, treatments can be administered quarterly for continuous support year-round.

As a non-toxic biopesticide, Aprehend® is effective on bed bugs but will not adversely affect humans or animals. Although utilizing Beauveria bassiana fungal spores for bed bug control is relatively new, it has proven to be an effective pest control solution for horticultural and agricultural industries for many years. Because it is a unique, ready-to-use formula, Aprehend® can be easily applied to surfaces by a Pied Piper Services technician as an invisible and odorless bed bug treatment, where they will remain for up to three months until encountered by a bed bug.

Pied Piper Services is dedicated to providing the best bed bug control services possible. Pied Piper Services has the equipment and knowledge needed to ensure your home returns to normal following a bed bug infestation. For more information, call Pied Piper Services at 888-737-8943 or visit