QuestVapco Corporation has officially changed its name to QuestSpecialty Corporation to better reflect its strong core competency in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals. The company manufactures over 400 different specialty chemical products, most of which are available for private label including aerosols (2 oz. to 24 oz.) and liquids (3 oz. to rail cars). Custom packaging is also available reflecting standard acceptable case packs.  
“We are known for our unique, specialty products to address specific needs in a number of industries including foodservice, janitorial maintenance, grounds keeping, industrial, and fleet maintenance,” states Carl Hubble, president of QuestSpecialty Corporation.  “With our recent divestiture of Vapco Products, it was an ideal opportunity to change our company name to more strongly convey our manufacturing strengths.” 
As competition from online big boxes has increased, Hubble notes the significance of providing specific specialty chemicals to meet particular departmental needs within a facility.
“Most online big box retailers do not carry the depth of specialty chemicals required to effectively and quickly get the job done,” he says. “Nor do they have the educated support staff to assure the right product is recommended. QuestSpecialty Corporation understands the needs of our customers to have the right product formulated precisely for their unique needs.” 
The company has also unveiled a new “Pathways to Profits” program, designed to help customers quickly narrow down specialty chemical options for various facility departments. It simplifies the process of pinpointing the right product required for specific tasks. The “Pathways to Profits” Product Guides feature short lists of QuestSpecialty’s commonly used specialty products for various departments with easy-to-understand features, benefits, and competitor comparisons.