Severe thunderstorms caused more than $12 billion in insured damage across the United States last year, according to the Insurance Information Institute, and hail associated with these storms is often the source of claims for roof, auto and related hail damage. That was true in Nebraska, Texas, Illinois and other states where more than 5,500 hail events occurred.
The good news for insurance professionals, and roofing and storm-related repair providers, is that tools to track hail events have just gotten better - and just in time for autumn's "second season" of severe storms, which historically bring October and November storms to southern and Midwestern states. just launched upgrades to an existing suite of hail-tracking services designed for insurance claims adjusters, roofers and other professionals keeping an eye on stormy skies.
Hail swath alerts for any U.S. state can now be received automatically - and free of charge - through a email service. It's easy: During sign up, select one or more states, and whenever hail impacts one that our client monitors, a hail swath map is automatically delivered to the inbox and readily available on mobile or desktop. Emails are sent each morning for the previous day's hail activity.
"We see this as a win-win," said CEO Rory Groves the founder of and a tech entrepreneur whose firsthand experience with weather-devastated communities drove him toward innovation - and a passion for delivering new solutions to residents, emergency managers and local businesses. 
"Roofers and insurance adjusters need an affordable, timely source for tracking hail damage," Groves adds. "Our highly refined algorithms produce incredibly detailed and accurate hail swath maps that give our clients the precision they really need, and we are eager to show them off."
Full resolution hail swath maps are also available for $99 each. To start receiving free hail swath map alerts, visit and click on the Free Alerts tab.