Daniel Bernazzani, PhD, was recently promoted to Senior Vice President of the Environmental Services Division at Young & Associates. In this new role, Dr. Bernazzani is responsible for providing leadership in areas like environmental issues, drying commercial structures, mold and microbial contamination. In addition, he will train key personnel at Young & Associate, and continue providing continuing education courses and seminars to clients around the country.DanBernazzani_IN

"Our environmental service offerings have grown substantially over the past three years and we are thrilled to have Dr. Bernazzani join our team to bring focus and a new level of professionalism to this division," said owner Ray Young on Dr. Bernazzani's new role.

Dr. Bernazzani was formerly the principal of Liberty Consulting in Boston. He has a PhD from Antioch University and BaBaS from Castleton State College. In addition to his academic accolades, Dr. Bernazzani has published numerous papers and articles on a variety of restoration subjects, and presented at conferences and schools around the world including North America, Ireland, Great Britain and Australia.