Fort Worth, Texas, Feb. 23, 2011 – Steamatic Catastrophe Management (SCM) is working in Northern Victoria, Australia with Steamatic of Australia on cleanup and restoration following the devastation of recent floods. SCM is a company owned by Steamatic’s franchise owners who work together on large restorations or commercial jobs when the number of claims and restorations requires services exceeding the physical and financial capabilities of other Steamatic franchisees.

The cleanup in Australia marks the first time SCM has traveled to work with one of Steamatic’s international franchisees. Last spring and summer, SCM spent weeks working with Steamatic of Middle Tennessee on cleanup and restoration caused by the Nashville floods. Heading up SCM is Bill Eaton, who also serves as president of Steamatic of ArkLaTex, the newest franchise for Steamatic, Inc. Heading up Steamatic of Australia is Oliver Threlfall.

Currently, the two teams are working on a major dairy/cheese plant that was flooded with river water approximately 1- to 4-feet deep in 80% of the plant.

“The job consists of three phases of cleaning,” says Eaton. “In phase 1, we will remove the gross debris removal consisting of mud and silt, while in phase 2, we will use a disinfectant to sanitize the facility. In phase 3, we will apply a microbial treatment as a final clearance. All of the plant areas are being Desiccant Dehumidified to stabilize and return the environment to a pre-loss condition. The project will last about six weeks with significant revenues for both SCM and Steamatic Australia under this joint venture approach.”

“I am not at all surprised that Bill and his team were able to travel such a long way to help us out,” says Threlfall. “Everyone I know with Steamatic has an attitude of fellowship without any hesitance to step in and help, especially in the kinds of conditions following a disaster. We are grateful for the assistance of SCM, and I know if the roles were reversed and one of our franchise owners in the states needed help, we would come to their aid as well.”

“Bill Eaton and his Steamatic Catastrophe Management team represent everything integral to Steamatic where customers always come first,” says Bill Sims, president of Steamatic,Inc. “Not only does SCM demonstrate the skills and experience our customers expect; they also band together to help each other out when disaster strikes and franchise owners need extra hands. No owner is too proud to raise his or her hand and ask for help. SCM exists to fulfill that role.”