Coraopolis, Pennsylvania October 23, 2009 -- On Friday, October 23 at noon EST, Dr. Alan Zelicoff, MD will discuss the current risks posed by flu viruses in general and the H1N1 virus strain in particular on IAQradio.

Dr. Zelicoff is a physician and physicist, who has had a varied career including clinical practice, teaching, and operations research. In the latter roles, he was senior scientist in the Center for National Security and Arms Control at Sandia National Laboratories from 1989 – 2003.

Dr. Zelicoff’s interests include risk and hazard analysis in hospital systems and office-based practice, and in technologies for improving the responsiveness of public health offices and countering biological weapons terrorism. He has traveled extensively in countries of the former Soviet Union and has led joint research projects in epidemiology of infectious disease, while establishing Internet access at Russian and Kazak biological laboratories.

He is the author of numerous text book chapters and articles in these subjects, and is a frequent contributor to Op-Ed pages in the Washington Post and other newspapers. Dr. Zelicoff’s latest book is: Microbe: Are we Ready for the Next Plague? Published by AMACOM Books and was released in June 2005. Listen as Dr. Zelicoff discusses the current flu virus threat with IAQradio hosts RadioJoe Hughes and Z-Man Cliff Zlotnik.

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