(Chicago, IL) Grassroots Newswire –DKI has responded in force to the significant emergency response challenges created by the recent floods in Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Mississippi, and Iowa.

Over 10,000 have had to evacuate and take shelter from this horrendous event, while DKI initiated immediate clean up efforts.

Immediately after flooding began, local DKI members commenced their mobilization efforts. Water removal and drying equipment were moved into mobile trailers, commercial structures were boarded up where DKI had pre-disaster plans in place, and contingency resource plans were put into action.

Elsewhere across the country, DKI catastrophe response teams from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, North Carolina, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Tennessee, Florida, Pennsylvania, California and Maryland, began loading equipment into trailers and setting off for staging areas outside flooded areas. Once in place, the teams awaited word from DKI’s central command post in Chicago to be dispatched to the areas most in need of assistance.

“The response of DKI’s members to the immediate impact of the Iowa floods has been both overwhelming and typical,” said Dale Sailer, president of Disaster Kleenup International. “Our member contractors prepare and train all year to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to losses, regardless of size.  Our ability to respond in the manner we have will enable families and businesses to begin the process of getting their lives back to normal as fast as humanly possible and minimize the financial impact of their loss. After all, that’s why most of our contractors got into this business in the first place – to help people.”