Brian Hickey, account manager, for Moisture Control Services (MCS), a division of Munters AB, has been certified as a LEED Accredited Professional (AP). To earn the accreditation, Hickey demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building practices and principles and the LEED Rating System, and possesses the knowledge and skills to successfully steward the LEED certification process.

Hickey markets and estimates MCS’ temporary humidity control offerings in the Florida market, and will work with architects, engineers, contractors and owners of major facilities to provide direction on LEED related issues. He serves the construction drying, industrial and surface preparation and coatings industries to provide climate control specifications that meet customers’ project requirements.

“Brian understands importance of protecting the environment and how it can be accomplished within the construction industry, and he will be instrumental in assisting architects, engineers and owners who seek LEED certified buildings,” said Lauren Reid, executive vice president – global operations for MCS. “Brian is one example of our company’s long-term goal of sustainability -- to optimize operations while seeking to protect, support and enhance the human and natural resources.”

Hickey joined MCS in 2006 and is based out of the Munters MCS office in Orlando. He has 23 years of experience in the construction industry.