NIOSH-approved filtering facepiece respirators with an N95 level of protection or higher are being recommended by the CDC/National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health for protection against the H1N1 virus. However, no matter how efficient the filter, if a mask does not fit properly, then gaps between the mask and the face (the face-seal) will allow harmful/infectious particles to enter the wearer’s breathing zone.

The Fitseal Adhesion Filtering Facepiece Particulate Respirator (FFPR) from Wein Products, Inc. “represents a breakthrough in personal respirator technology.” Co-developed by Canadian and American scientists and medical experts, the one-size-fits-all respirator is held in place by medical-grade adhesion technology that conforms and seals to the wearer’s face, thereby significantly reducing inward and outward leakage between the mask and the face.