DuPont Fire Extinguishants FM-200 waterless, clean agent fire extinguishant is the latest addition to its portfolio of non-ozone depleting, clean agent fire suppressants.

The use of DuPont Fire Extinguishants technologies, including FM-200 as well as FE-25™ and FE-36 has become a best practice among cultural facility directors, curators and security managers to help protect valuable cultural property because clean agents extinguish fires quickly, safely and effectively, preventing or minimizing potential damage, the company said.

“Minimum fire code standards are not adequate to protect valuable cultural and historical artifacts and facilities in the event of a fire.  In fact, some systems like water sprinklers can potentially do a lot of harm,” said Greg Rubin, global business manager, DuPont Fluorochemicals-Specialties.  “DuPont clean agent fire extinguishant technology is ideal for applications in museums, libraries and other cultural properties because it is fast, clean, safe, dry and highly effective.”