Here’s your chance to be part of something groundbreaking - the first all-green virtual conference and expo designed for readers of our print magazines, Web sites, eNewsletters and digital editions.

Pasted below is a blog published in June introducing Virtual Green. Allow me to provide six reasons to sign up now for this August 5 all-day event.

Expert information. All day, leaders in environmental building will present ideas designed to help you master the ever-growing green construction market.

No travel. You won’t leave your home, office or hotspot. Virtual Green is online, so all you need to do is log in and start exploring.

No cost. You won’t pay a dime. Virtual Green is free to registrants.

Connections.We expect 2,000 registrants, so prepare to engage with other pros in the Virtual Green Networking Lounge.

New products.Stop by the virtual exhibits to see the latest green products. 

Prizes.Southwest Airlines is giving away two pairs of roundtrip airline tickets;Roofing ContractorandWalls & Ceilingsare giving away $50 American Express gift cards; and BASF is sponsoring a treasure hunt featuring a chance to win an iTunes gift card.

Whether you come to check out your first “virtual trade show” or stay all day, Virtual Green will be well worth your time. Just go to to sign up. See you (virtually) next Thursday beginning at 9 a.m. E.T.

Tim Fausch
Publishing Director
Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Security,
Mechanical Systems, and Maintenance Groups


Here’s a New Trade Show Everyone Can Attend
(Originally posted June 5, 2010)

I’ve always been baffled by the low turnout for many construction-related trade shows. Even the when the number of attendees reaches record levels, the total represents a fraction of the universe of contractors, engineers, architects, wholesalers, and maintenance pros who should be attending.

This bothers me because non-attendees are missing out, falling behind their competitors who are learning about the latest products, techniques, technology and tools. This is vital information that could cause them to lose a bid, perform poorly, or take an unnecessary loss that could have been avoided.

When we ask pros why they don’t attend national trade shows, we get these responses:

*I cannot afford the time away from my business.
*I cannot afford travel costs/conference fees.
*I cannot get approval from my boss/company owner.
*I rely on smaller local trade shows.
*I don’t find much value in trade shows.

OK, so what if there was a trade show stuffed with new information that required no travel, cost nothing to attend, and would only take a couple hours of your time?

There is. BNP Media is pleased to introduce Virtual Green Expo, a virtual trade show that will take place August 5. This new event is accessed from the convenience of your computer and will allow you to visit booths, attend live keynotes and conference sessions, earn CEUs, chat in real time with other pros, download product specs and white papers, and network with peers.

I know what you are thinking. Virtual trade shows are clunky, hard-to-navigate, impersonal events. That used to be true. But today’s software, broadband connectivity, and arsenal of video and Web-based products have made virtual shows fun and engaging.

For Virtual Green, you can use your headshot, an avatar, or remain faceless if you choose.  You can ask vendors and peers for information to help you with your projects and get real-time answers. You can experience the vision and insights shared by industry leaders.

So why attend Virtual Green Expo? Unless you are sleeping under a rock, you know that green products and technologies are here to stay. If you want to succeed in today’s building and maintenance market, you have to offer customers options that are healthy, sustainable, recyclable, energy efficient, and cost-saving.

Virtual Green kicks off with a keynote presented by Kathy Loftus, Global Leader of Sustainable Engineering and Energy Management for Whole Foods Market. A live chat with Kathy will follow in the Virtual Green Expo networking lounge.

This keynote and other educational/networking opportunities will be available on your screen simply by registering at

Go ahead and register now while you are thinking about it. See you in the Virtual Green Expo lounge on Aug. 5!

P.S.  You also might want to check out this video of BNP’s iSecurity virtual trade show that launched a couple months ago: